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Tips to avoid boiler breakdowns and boiler repairs this winter

Over the last few years the whole of the UK has seen harsh winters, each seemingly worse than the last. Snow, gale force winds and heavy rain have been commonplace and flooding has dominated the news. With the cold winters we have also seen an increase in boiler breakdowns and a massive rise in the (...)

Peterborough Plumbing Advice – Renewable Energy

Renewable energy, or green energy as it is also known, is a hot topic at present. Many UK residents are willing pay towards investment, but the Government has some hesitation. The renewables industry has seen a strong and steady growth over the last few years, tackling climate change. Solar PV alone provided enough energy to (...)

How to plan your house extension

In recent years people have chosen to extend their home in order to create more space, rather than to move. This is partly due to the difficulty many homeowners have faced when applying for a mortgage and also the cost of moving compared to carrying out building work. However, before you decide that extending your (...)

Need a good plumber in Peterborough?

It can be a tiresome task trying to find a good plumber in Peterborough or a heating engineer to install your central heating system. Usually, you’ll be under stress from the problems you’ve got with your system – for example, water leaks, facilities not working or your heating, or boiler system going kaput – the (...)