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Many people are choosing to improve their home rather than to move, so here we look at some good ways to make your home the best it can be.

Your home’s structure

The most important place to start is with the structure of your home. Everything else can be worked on from a point where your property is structurally sound. Make sure you check your roof, walls, joists that might be rotten, signs of pest infestations and any damp problems. These fixes are essential for adding value to your home.


  1. A good heating and hot water system

A good quality central heating system is essential when selling your home. It’s also good to improve your energy efficiency. Make sure your home is well insulated with doors and windows sealed, damaged windows are replaced and loft insulated.

Wiring and plumbing

Use a good qualified plumber and electrician to ensure that the wiring and plumbing is up to scratch.

In terms of plumbing, old pipework may need replacing before you are in a situation where you have burst pipes and poor water pressure.

Fix superficial defects

Little defects can really affect how a property looks, and ultimately the value of it. Therefore you need to look carefully for peeling paint, doors or windows that stick, doors handles that don’t work or are stiff, mould and mildew, taps that drip, missing tiles, damaged plasterwork and squeaky floors. All of these can be fixed with a little time and effort.


A conversion can give you much more room as well as add value to your home, but the initial cost can be quite high. A loft conversion can cost up to £5,000 but is an excellent long term investment and if done correctly, you can sell your home with an additional bedroom. It’s worth talking to an architect to get an idea of what can be done with the space and headroom available and for how much.

Conversions need to comply with building regulations and although planning permission isn’t required, dormer windows may need planning so talk to the experts


Replacing windows can be expensive, but if they are in a bad state you may find it difficult to sell your home. Replacement windows are available in a range of materials so contact a reputable company for a quote and to talk through the options.


The kitchen is an essential part of your home, so make sure it’s well planned, in good condition and looks appealing to buyers. You can either replace your kitchen and have it re designed, or you can save money by using a kitchen facelift company allowing you to pick and choose what needs replacing, resulting in a new look kitchen but for a fraction of the price.

The layout of your home

You could make some of your home more open plan to create a sense of space and light, or you could look at an extension. Think carefully about your budget and what works for your home and lifestyle.


Your bathroom should be fresh and clean looking, with good quality fixtures and fittings. Lighting is also really important in maximizing the sense of space especially in a small bathroom. Sanitary wear can be replaced at a very reasonable price, and this can really lift the look and feel of your bathroom especially if you steer away from colours and choose white. You could completely replace your bathroom an install a good quality shower and bath by designing it yourself and finding a bathroom fitter rather than using a company that specialize in bathroom re fits.

General appearance

When you are selling your home, think about how it looks from the outside. Tidy up your garden, make sure fences are painted and smart and that gravel and paving stones are all in good order. Consider repointing brickwork, paint doors and garage, replace your house sign or house number.

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