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Boiler problems – What are the most common issues?

When our heating system is in good working order, we don’t really give it a second thought. We take it for granted that all is OK and doing what it should. However, when we encounter boiler problems our lives come to a grinding halt. We are cold, we can’t wash and if young children or the elderly live in the home it can be a health hazard not to have a good heating and hot water system. In an instant, we can feel cold, miserable and desperate.

Calling a plumber isn’t only time consuming and costly, it can also lead to more work needing doing if parts need replacing or even a new system is required. That’s why it is important to have a plumber that you really trust, and who won’t rip you off.

Most boiler breakdowns happen during the cold winter months, following a period of inactivity over the summer.

Some common boiler problems can fixed without calling in a heating engineer, but many issues will require a qualified professional to take a look. If in doubt, call Archway Plumbers as we can advise you as to whether it’s something you can troubleshoot yourself.

Here are some of the most common issues:

  1. Leaking: Your boiler could be leaking for a number of reasons, a professional will need to look at where the leak is coming from to determine the cause.
  2. Strange noise: This could be caused by air in the heating system, or you could have a problem with your water pressure. If the noise is more of a banging, it could even be a problem with the pump so get a professional to take a look if it’s loud and persistent.
  3. The pilot light is not working: You could require a new part as there could be a problem with the thermocouple, or there could be a deposit built up.
  4. The thermostat is not working: It could be losing accuracy or turning off itself. You could look into a more energy efficient thermostat.
  5. No hot water or heating: This could be a number or problems including valves, airlocks, thermostat or water levels.
  6. Low water pressure: You could have a problem with your pressure relief valve.
  7. Cold radiators: There could be a build up of sludge in your system, or something preventing the free flow of hot water. There may also be air in your system.
  8. Boiler switching itself off: There could be low water pressure, a thermostat problem, or water not circulating properly.

If you have any problems with your boiler or plumbing system get in touch with us and we can advise you over the phone and arrange to come and take a look at your system as soon as we can.

If you have persistent problems you may want to look at replacing your boiler for a more efficient model and you could be eligible for a grant.


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