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Installing Solar Panels in your home

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Solar Panels deliver energy to any home or commercial building. They convert photons of light into electrical energy by semi-conductor material. When daylight hits a Solar PV cell, electrons are released causing electricity to flow.

Domestic Solar PV Panels will provide up to 40% of your electricity requirement, sometimes more if your home is already energy efficient. With an average life in excess of 20 years, it is a very effective system to have installed.



It’s essential that Solar PV Panels are installed by qualified and trained engineers who are familiar with all relevant electrical safety regulations associated with solar energy. The more sunlight that the Solar panel cells receive, the more energy it will produce. The amount of solar electricity produced depends on the intensity of the light that is received by the cells, so the more sunlight it receives, the more energy it will produce. That’s why it is essential that you choose a highly experienced engineer who is aware of the tilt that is required by the panels in order to offer maximum efficiency.

Solar Panel Installations

The solar panel installation process is actually very simple and causes minimal disruption to your home as they are usually fitted onto a tiled roof. They take place of ordinary roof tiles so they are an attractive option for new builds as it can save on the cost of materials in addition to the energy savings that they provide long term.

Talk to us if you would like to have Solar Panels fitted in your home or office, we can also advise you on whether you will need to seek planning permission before having them installed. We can also talk to you about stand alone Solar PV Panels, which are ideal for buildings that don’t have a connection to the local authority network or if there are frequent interruptions to your electricity supply.

Talk to us about how Solar UV Panels are installed and the potential savings you could make today!