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A heat pump is an energy efficient system to have installed in your home. It works by heating your property using energy absorbed from the air all around you. With the rising cost of utilities, it’s something that is gaining in popularity.

There are two types of air source heat pumps. First is an air-to-water heat pump, which will distribute heat through a wet central heating system. This is a very efficient system, which can also be used for under-floor heating and larger radiators.


Air source heat pumps are very clever, although simple. They take heat from the air, absorb it at low temperature and turn it into fluid. This fluid is then passed through a compressor and the temperature is increased. This higher temperature fluid is then used to heat your home and produce hot water.

Alternatively you could opt for an air-to-air heat pump. This produces warm air, which is circulated by fans to heat your home. Although this is efficient, it will only produce warm air and will not heat your water, which is why the air-to-water heat pump is more popular.

An air-source heat pump will extract heat from the outside air, ground or water, even when temperatures are below minus fifteen degrees centigrade. Although they deliver heat to your home at much lower temperatures than a conventional boiler, it will do so over a long period of time and so you will achieve the same comfortable temperatures.

By installing a heat pump in your home, you will find that you make considerable savings to your energy bills, particularly if your conventional heating system is in need of replacing. In addition to savings on your energy bills, you will qualify for income through the Renewable Heat Incentive RHI from the Government.

A heat pump will provide you with both heating and hot water, and there is little maintenance required once it has been installed so you may save on a boiler maintenance plan too.

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