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Living in a property that is safe is one of the main concerns for anyone who owns or rents a home, especially those with young children.

It’s essential that your electrical appliances are safe, otherwise it could be fatal. The Fire Service in the UK deals with electrical fires on a daily basis, often caused by improper use of electrical appliances – something that is easily preventable.

Many people who have problems with electrical items are nervous about carrying on using them, and that’s where it’s essential you get the right professional advice.

If you have a problem with an electrical appliance it’s important to unplug it and stop using it as soon as possible. However, the problem could be with your electrical instillation. Therefore make sure you call a professional to check what the problem is.

Here are our top tips for staying safe in your home:

  1. If you have babies or toddlers make sure you install plug safety covers.
  2. Only use the official charge leads that have been provided by your mobile phone manufacturer. Many cheap imitation leads have cause house fires.
  3. Don’t leave phone, gadget or tablet chargers plugged in overnight or when you aren’t in the home.
  4. Don’t leave charge leads plugged in on a bed or under a pillow.
  5. When you unplug appliances, pull the plug at the wall and don’t use the cord to pull them from the socket.
  6. Avoid adapters and use extension leads instead.
  7. Don’t plug an extension lead into another extension lead.
  8. Switch off your electrical appliances when they aren’t in use, especially at night.
  9. When you go on holiday, unplug and turn off your sockets where possible. Don’t leave items on standby.
  10. Do not use electrical items in a bathroom or toilet, only use items specifically designed for use in bathrooms such as toothbrush or shaver chargers, but take care not to get them wet.
  11. Don’t use electrical cables that show any signs of damage.
  12. When changing light bulbs make sure you lamps and lights off, and if any electrical items require repair make sure a professional carries this out.
  13. Only buy electrical items from reputable stores and check the appliance before use.
  14. Make sure new electrical items carry a warranty.
  15. Don’t use electrical items outside if it is wet.
  16. Finally, make sure you have fire alarms installed in your home and check them regularly. The Fire Service provides a service whereby they will come to your home and offer advice. They will even fit fire alarms for you.
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