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There’s nothing more disruptive to family life than undertaking a building project. It’s not only costly, but it’s inconvenient, messy and if you don’t choose the right builder it can be incredibly time consuming and even more expensive than you may have originally anticipated.

In order to choose the right builder for your project, start by talking to friends and family. Find out if they have had work undertaken and try to get some recommendations for builders who have done a good job and for a good price.

If you do find a recommended builder, talk to your local builders association to see if they are registered and have carried out all of the relevant health and safety training.

Make sure you don’t get a quote from just one builder, talk to several and ask them to list the work that is required in order to carry out the job. Ask them to find out if they will require planning permission and if this will incur any additional costs. You will also need to talk to them about the payment schedule; most builders will require the invoice to be paid after a set amount of time once the job has been completed.

If the builder hasn’t been recommended to you, try and get some references from people they have done some work for, find out if they were happy with the work and the overall cost.

Find out if they are a member of any trade organisations and check that they have undertaken safety training, it’s also worth asking to see proof of their public liability insurance documents.

You shouldn’t need to pay a deposit unless you need specific custom made materials, or if there are special circumstances surrounding the building work.

Once the work has been completed, don’t be tempted to pay cash to avoid VAT, this could mean that your builder is avoiding their tax liabilities and there may not be any comeback if something goes wrong with the building work if you have no proof of making payment.

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