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How to take care of your home in colder weather

Taking care of your home in cold weather Winter is already upon us, and now the clocks have gone back the nights are really drawing in. It won’t be long before we are scraping snow from our paths and ice from our windscreens. Now is the time to get your home ready for winter, and (...)

Peterborough Plumbing Advice – Renewable Energy

Renewable energy, or green energy as it is also known, is a hot topic at present. Many UK residents are willing pay towards investment, but the Government has some hesitation. The renewables industry has seen a strong and steady growth over the last few years, tackling climate change. Solar PV alone provided enough energy to (...)

What you need to know about solar panels

Wherever you live in the UK, solar panels are an option. Sunlight isn’t always necessary as you can still generate electricity on dull days; all you need is daylight, not sunlight. While you don’t need to be in the full glare of the sun in order to generate some electricity, the further south you live (...)

Winter Fuel Allowance

Are you entitled to the Winter Fuel Allowance? If you are eligible, the winter fuel payment entitles you to up to £300 of tax-free help with your energy bills. It is payable annually to those born on or before 5 July 1952 to help pay for their winter heating. These payments are different to the (...)

Unclogging blocked drains and eliminating odours

Unclogging blocked drains Blocked drains are not only irritating, but they can also cause a bad odour to spread throughout your home. Bathrooms, kitchens and toilets are all prone to problems as they are the most frequently used rooms in the home. With cooking oils, butter and food going down kitchen sinks, and hair being (...)

Fixing your central heating – Do you need a power flush?

I imagine you have heard the words ‘power flush’ said to you on the odd occasion when talking to a plumber who is looking at your central heating system and trying work out why it’s not performing, or working altogether. So what is a power flush, and when do you need one? A power flush (...)

Choosing an Electrician

  The entire process of having electrical work in your home can prove very daunting, especially if you have to put all your trust into an electrician you have never used before. Here at SOS Electrician Peterborough, we recommend that before you choose an electrician, you follow these simple steps to ensure you have a (...)