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With failing boilers and bursting pipes, winter is the busiest time for plumbers. Not only is it inconvenient to have no hot water and heating, but the problems can also cause damage to your property.

There are many issues that are brought on by a cold snap in the weather. Recently there has been a cold front which has come in from the Arctic causing freezing weather and snow, and more is on the way. Follow these tips to avoid any plumbing issues this winter:

Insulate your pipes
When we experience freezing weather pipes can freeze and crack causing them to burst. This can cause a huge amount of damage to your property, especially if you are not in the house to see water leaking on your belongings – many people come home from work to find that their house is flooded after a pipe has been leaking for several hours.

By applying insulation sleeves to your pipes located on or near exterior walls will protect them through the colder months, and minimizing the risk of a frozen, cracked or burst pipe. It’s advisable that you check your pipes for cracks or a build up of ice. A qualified, professional plumber can give your pipes a health check.

Clogged gutters
Most homes with traditional guttering will find that they need to be cleaned out annually. If they collect too much debris ice can form and weigh them down, this can cause them to fall from the fixture. Make sure you regularly clear out your gutters especially just before the winter months when falling leaves will have gathered.

Don’t pour oil into your sink
When cooking many people use fats and oils, and whilst they are still warm and fluid it may seem wise to pour them down the sink. However, once they hit cold pipes this fat will solidify and can cause blockages. Dispose of oil and grease outside if possible.

Vacant periods
If you are going away on holiday during the winter (lucky you!) then you must arrange for your property to be checked whilst you are away. Don’t turn off your hot water and heating, it’s wise to keep this on a timer at a low temperature to avoid your pipes freezing over. Alternatively call a plumber to drain down the water in your central heating system.

Talk to us at Archway Plumbing if you would like advice on keeping your heating and hot water working throughout winter and minimizing the risk of boiler failure.

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